Savannah Spirit

Advice on nutrition of the Savannah cats

Before you plan a diet of the Savannah cat you need to know that her direct relatives live in the wild, and they eat there like predators. They hunt rodents, birds, lizards. Of course, at home hybrid cat will not demand the same menu, but the meat of proper quality should not be forgotten.


1. Choose a high-quality meat for the Savannah, give it raw or boiled. Baked or marinated meat, with various spices and salt is forbidden. Raw meat is very well absorbed by the body of an animal, regular consumption of meat will extend you pet’s life.

2. You can include fish in the die, as well as a variety of vegetables that the cat will appreciate. Do not give potatoes and sweet vegetables.

3. You should be very careful with dry ready-made feed. If you choose it, then the one with minimum of cereals. Usually these are premium ready-made feed. You need to be scrupulous in choosing the manufacturer's brand, give your pet only reputable products, recognized by experts of the brand.

4. When choosing a diet you can proceed a little from the taste of the animal, which, incidentally, may change over time.

5. Even though it's a cat, don't ever give her cow's milk when she's yet a kitten. This product may impair kitten's digestion. There's cow's milk in his stomach.


These are the main reasons why milk mustn’t be given to cats:
• Cow's milk is not a natural product for the cat's body at all. The cat has no need in cow's milk, as it has no necessary elements.
• Not every animal is able to digest milk sugar. It excessive consumption can cause diarrhea in the animal.
• Cow's milk is one of the most dangerous allergens for the cat's body. It can cause some health problems for the animal.
From the above we can conclude that cats should not be given milk, even though they love it very much. It is absolutely of no use, but rather, causes the body of a cat irreparable harm. Such food products as yogurt or cottage cheese can replace the milk.

6. It is better to choose good, high-quality canned meat, which is developed and produced specifically for small kittens. Delicious mousse will also fit. Everything is balanced In such "kittens" canned food, both vitamins and minerals.

7. It is necessary to approach competently how to feed the kitten with a new product for the first time. Don't give the entire contents of a tin at once. This breed is very sensitive to low-quality products, the kitten will not eat bad food. If you failed to feed the kitten, give him a piece of meat of the highest grade, which contains no fat. You should mince this meat, you can also chop it into very small pieces.