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People and cats


Люди и кошки

Most people feel healthy sympathy for the cats, but there are exceptions. Some individuals can not even really explain why these furry animals cause their fierce dislike. Barely seeing this animal on their territory, they immediately chase it away. It seems that there is nothing terrible, but such cases provide good food for thought. After all, how the man treats the cat, the same way the cat treats this person. Therefore, the relationship between humans and cats can be either positive or vice versa. Cases of absolute indifference are extremely rare...

If a person and a cat are friends, then there is nothing to worry about - a solid harmony and not an ounce of pathology! But the reverse side of the medal of such relations is best described by statistics. For example, 90% of alcoholics hate cats. Also woman with failed personal life have no sympathy for cats. There is another category of cat haters - children who have been abused in school or boarding school. A safety on weaker creatures is a kind of revenge for the grievances and humiliation caused by other children. Lets say, cats tend to hate people with serious complexes and this hatred is a kind of bell ringing about problems with mentality. If the complexes can be eliminated, then the cats will start to cause bright and joyful emotions!