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How to raise a kitten tender and tame?


Воспитание котят

Remember - education begins as soon as the kitten turns up in your home. At first, the little animal will be shy and fearful. Do not worry too much, just be patient. The kitten will need time to study the apartment and fully adapt to the new schedule of life.

As often as possible try to be nearby the kitten and do not take offense at his unpleasant tricks - they are natural instincts. Teach the kitten the basic rules of behavior in the new home, clearly mark the border between what is allowed and what is forbidden. Yes, it will take some time - but the pet won't develop good manners on its own.

And when another newly-hatched owner of a cat resents their aggressive or vindictive attitude towards him, then he is the only one to blame. Remember a catch phrase of the famous French writer: "You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed"!