Breeder Felines

Savannah Spirit

Breeder Felines

Queens and Kings of our cattery. Noble and elegant, they not only give offspring, but also impart their best qualities and teach all kittens what it means to be a real Savannah. They are the heart of our cattery.


Shanty - Savannah F1

Savannah F1 is something average between a dog and a cat. Her behavior is special as well: she plays like a dog, brings toys, loves water [learn more...]

Savannahfarm Mexx,

Savannahfarm Mexx - Savannah F2

The cat is a loner who has flexible mind, understands the tone and the mood of a person. Very bound to the owner [learn more...]

Amursavannah Daisy,

Amursavannah Daisy - Savannah F4

Daisy is our Queen. She is a loving mother and possesses good breed qualities [learn more...]

ABC Savannah Baron,

ABC Savannah Baron - Savannah F6

Baron came to us from Holland, from the ABC Savannah cattery [learn more...]